Limb lengthening surgery cost – Everything you need to know about the procedure and the related expenditure

Whether for cosmetic reasons or because of a medical condition: limb lengthening surgery is an effective solution for those who want to reach new heights. But how does the operation work and more importantly: what will it cost? To help you plan and prepare your limb lengthening procedure, we have compiled a comprehensive guide.

What does limb lengthening surgery cost?

The price for a leg lengthening surgery depends on many different factors, such as the bone that is to be lengthened, the desired length and more. Overall, the cost can be broken down as follows*:

  • - Consultation: 500 €
  • - Thigh lengthening: 52.500 € (Bilateral lengthening of both thighs)
  • - Lower leg lengthening: 55.500 € (Bilateral lengthening of both lower legs)
  • - Removal (thigh nails): 6.700 €
  • - Removal (lower leg nails): 7.500 €

The expenses in detail: Limb lengthening surgery cost explained  

The consultation

To assess the situation and find out which kind of limb lengthening is advised to reach the desired height, a thorough consultation is needed. The following steps are part of the consultation and influence the limb lengthening surgery cost: 

  • Examination & briefing: During an extensive examination, Dr. Betz will establish whether the procedure of limb lengthening can be performed and how the desired result can be reached. During the briefing, patients will learn all they need to know about the surgery and the following recovery.

  • X-Ray scans & simulation: To plan and prepare the limb lengthening process, x-ray scans are needed. Furthermore, a simulation of the coming procedure is prepared.

The limb lengthening procedure

Dr. Betz is specialized in leg lengthening surgery. The BETZBONE® can be used for a lengthening of the thigh as well as a lengthening of the lower leg. The limb lengthening surgery cost varies depending on which part of the leg will be lengthened. Lengthening of the lower legs is more complex and thus more difficult to perform. Because of this, the price for this procedure is 3.000 € higher. Patients can leave the clinic shortly after the operation. However, it has been shown that patients who stay for 10 to 14 days after surgery are often more stable and better equipped to deal with the following steps of the lengthening process. Limb lengthening surgery cost includes a two week hospital stay (up to a maximum of 21 days) as well as the operation on both sides, the necessary physiotherapy, medication as well as all postoperative examinations and adjustments.

The Removal

Cost for removal of the BETZBONE® (or other nails chosen by the patient) includes the operation on both sides and the hospital stay. Patients are usually released from the hospital the day after the operation. As was the case with the initial limb lengthening surgery, the cost for removal also varies depending on which part of the leg has been lengthened.

The date of the removal should be chosen at a time when risky sporting activities can be avoided for 2-3 months (football, paragliding, downhill-running, etc.). The bone loses a part of its stability for a short period of time when the nail is removed. The subsequent so-called "remodeling" leads to the bone having a perfect elasticity and stability, just as it did before the lengthening. At the BETZ INSTITUTE®, the nail removal is performed about 1-2 years after the lengthening.

What is not included in the limb lengthening surgery cost? 

To plan for your limb lengthening procedure, it is not only important to have a clear idea of the limb lengthening surgery cost, but to also plan for expanses that are not included. While the operation and hospital stay for the patient is part of our pricing, accommodations for a companion will need to be secured separately. We will be glad to help you find and arrange proper boarding and lodging.

Transparent limb lengthening surgery cost and more – Why chose the BETZ INSTITUTE for your limb lengthening procedure? 

The BETZ INSTITUTE is one of the leading centers for cosmetic limb lengthening worldwide. Our facility and our specially developed BETZBONE® offer the following advantages: 

  • - specialization in cosmetic limb lengthening
  • - care at the highest level and in accordance with highest quality requirements
  • - 15 years of experience and more than 1500 surgeries performed
  • - internal limb lengthening with less pain and risk of infection compared to external methods
  • - the BETZBONE® ensures almost normal mobility during the lengthening process 

Get in touch to learn more about the limb lengthening surgery cost. We will gladly provide you with all the information you require to plan the limb lengthening process.



*Please note that the limb lengthening surgery cost will vary depending on which nail you choose for your procedure. The prices listed here apply to usage of the BETZBONE®.

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beinverlaengerung1 img

Lengthening of both thigh bones with an intramedullary telescopic nail



Distraction phase with newly built bone (pink)


konsolidierungsphase_eng 2_00000.jpg

Consolidation phase with solidification of the soft new bone into hard normal bone



























1 week after surgery: Very small cuts (0.3 - 1 cm/0.12 - 0.4 inch) results in very small, almost invisible scars