Dr. Augustin Betz


(Chapter in film starting at 2:13) - The first consultation is made to get to know the BETZ INSTITUTE®. In a meeting lasting several hours, an extensive medical check-up (clinical examination, x-rays, etc.) and advisory session, including the simulation and discussion of the patient's treatment wishes, is carried out. Every single detail from the operation on, including the follow-up treatment, risks and possible complications, are discussed and then given to every patient in the form of an information file. Afterwards, the patient has the opportunity to meet with patients who have already had the lengthening surgery and are in different phases of the lengthening process (clinical stay, rehab, etc.). At the end, every as of yet unanswered question is answered with patience. Thus, every patient has the best possible information to make a decision about their treatment. Of course, the patients are encouraged not to hesitate to contact the Betz Institute via phone or e-mail with any further questions or fears.

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