Surgery team at the BETZ INSTITUTE®

3. Operation

(Chapter in film starting at 4:26) - It is necessary that our patients arrive at the BETZ INSTITUTE® at least 2 days before the operation. There are different reasons for that: first, the patients with long-distance flights have the opportunity to acclimatize, so the risk of thrombosis is therefore reduced. After the clarification of unanswered questions, the judicially necessary written briefingand consent agreement for the operation is filled out. Due to German law, the written consent agreement has to be signed at least 48 hours before the operation. Then surgery preparations, like laboratory tests and the briefing about anesthesia, takes place. The operation is performed either with general anesthetics or regional anesthetics. For the lengthening of both thighs, the whole operation process takes between 2.5-4 hours, depending on the level of difficulty. The operation process time for both shin bones is about 1.5 hours.
After appropriate preparation in the operation theatre, the opening and dissection of the medullary cavity are performed to implant the telescopic nail. Through the same approach, the bone is cut from the inside with the help of a specially developed internal saw, taking care that no heat occurs while sawing. In this way, the nutritive outer bone skin (periosteum) and the surrounding soft tissue are preserved and no extra scars are generated from the bone cutting.
Afterwards, the nail is inserted into the medullary cavity and affixed to the bone. Through this method, the patient is usually left with just 3 scars of only 3-5 mm/0.12-0.2 inch and one scar of about 15 mm/0.6 inch. On the lower leg, 9 to 11 scars of 3-5 mm/0.12-0.2 inch are necessary for the fixation screws and one scar of about 15 mm/0.6 inch is necessary for the insertion of the nail.
This minimally invasive and preservation-based approach, which is frequently updated to adhere to the latest developments in modern medicine, has been made to minimize blood loss and avoid pain. Through its sophisticated operation technique, the BETZ INSTITUTE® is setting itself apart from any other lengthening center.

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