Patient managing the lengthening clicking mechanism without any assistance


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Patient documenting the number of clicks and therefore the lengthening distance per day


verlaengerung rehab

Thanks to self-managing of the lengthening via clicking, patients are absolutely free to choose the location where the lengthening will take place. Many patients choose a rehab center in their home countries.


(Chapter in film starting at 7:35) - The lengthening phase starts 7 days after the operation. The industry standard is to lengthen the thigh bones by 1 mm/0.04 inch per day. Smaller daily lengthening distances below 1 mm/0.04 inch, like those performed at the BETZ INSTITUTE®, may lead to a longer overall lengthening period, but also allow for bones to heal more quickly and altogether more healthily on a segment-by-segment basis. Furthermore, due to the reduced irritation of the soft tissue at these lower lengthening distances, the overall wellness of the patient is less disturbed. This is why we recommend the reduction of the daily lengthening distance down to 0.7-0.9 mm/0.027-0.035 inch, depending on the lengthened region. This less taxing process is only possible with the BETZBONE® because this nail - in contrast to every other internal system - never fails to overcome one of the potential problems brought about by shorter lengthening distances - the premature bridging of hard bone tissue into the soft, calcifying tissue of the lengthening gap (preconsolidation). With the reduction of the daily lengthening distance from 1 mm/0.04 inch per day to 0.7-0.9 mm/0.027-0.035 inch, a lengthening of 9 cm/3.5 inch takes about 3 to 4 months, with good mobility and the uncompromised ability to work.
The control of the daily lengthening steps is unbelievably easy: the patient documents his daily progress (number of the clicks) in a table. Thereby, the patient has a detailed overview of the lengthening distance gained throughout every step of the process. There is no other method - including x-ray, CT scan or sonography - which provides such a precise lengthening control. Furthermore, the BETZBONE® daily control can be done by the patient him- or herself anywhere in the world, and, in addition, with only the minimal radiation exposure of occasional x-ray scans. As an added level of caution, the patient has a single x-ray scan done at intervals of 4-6 weeks.
Therefore, if the patient wants to perform the lengthening in his or her home country, this is only possible with the BETZBONE® Nail. As a result of this opportunity, the patient can continue to do his or her everyday job concurrently with the lengthening, provided it isn't a job which requires intensive effort.
If the patient doesn't want the lengthening to take place in a private setting, it is, of course, possible to do the lengthening and the follow-up treatment in the BETZ INSTITUTE®. But there is no medical reason for that.

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