Physiotherapy in Rehab Center Saarschleife


(Chapter in film starting at 9:06) - The consolidation starts when the desired lengthening distance is reached. The healing of the bone is surveyed in x-ray scans. From the operation on, minerals and vitamins are provided for the support of the bone's healing process. Overall, the consolidation phase is very different from patient to patient. Generally, it can be said that for every lengthened centimeter (0.4 inch) the bone needs 6 to 12 weeks (depending on the region) to heal. But this doesn't mean that the patients are immobilized. On the contrary, it is recommended that the patients train their legs through controlled physical stress, using crutches (for a time). To stimulate the bone healing process, a distance of several kilometers should be covered every day. Moving with a precise gait pattern on crutches in a familiar and safe surrounding (at home, at work, etc.) is very beneficial. Our BETZBONE® patients are mobilized from the first day on, starting directly on the operation day.

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