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The BETZ INSTITUTE is one of the leading centers for cosmetic limb lengthening and reconstructive surgery. Since its foundation 15 years ago, Dr. Augustin Betz and his team have performed more than 150 limb lengthening surgeries per year. With the BETZBONE® - our very own and specially developed intramedullary nail - we offer reconstructive and cosmetic limb lengthening at the highest level of quality and care.

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We are located 2 hours outside of Frankfurt, Germany, near the border of Luxembourg and France.

The nearest airports are Luxembourg Airport, Frankfurt/Main, Frankfurt Hahn, and Saarbrücken Airport.

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Hermeskeiler Straße 11, 66687 Wadern

Surgery Center:

Diakonie Klinikum Neunkirchen

Brunnenstraße 20, D-66538 Neunkirchen



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The BETZ INSTITUTE®, based in Diakonie Klinikum Neunkirchen in Saarland, Germany, specializes predominantly in cosmetic limb-lengthening. In this past decade alone, the Institute has successfully performed, on average, 150 limb-lengthening surgeries every year, utilizing an internal lengthening device which is placed into either the thigh bone or shin bone with minimal invasive precision. Gains achieved in length can be as much as 10cm/4 inches per bone segment.

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The BETZ INSTITUTE® offers all available (FDA approved) lengthening systems, including the PRECICE nail. It is worth noting that, currently, the BETZ INSTITUTE® is the only facility in the world that uses the BETZBONE® Nail. In comparison to other respected lengthening nails, the BETZBONE® Nail has a distinct advantage in that it allows the patient full weight-bearing and lengthening capacity advantages.   

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BETZBONE® is an intramedullary nail that was developed by Dr. Betz in relation to the former Albizzia Nail. Modifications were based on Dr. Betz’s vast experience from limb-lengthening and often-complex orthopedic procedures that have led to an intramedullary nail that not only offers comfort, but far greater stability for the patient. The result is a full weight-bearing nail that does not require a patient to use a wheelchair. A patient can expect and is encouraged to walk with crutches during the complete lengthening period, vastly reducing the time taken to learn to walk with his or her new, longer legs.

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What is cosmetic limb lengthening?
A quick guide to the stature lengthening procedure and its specifics

Cosmetic limb lengthening is a method by which limbs (in most cases the legs) are lengthened via a surgical procedure, based on the process of distraction osteogenesis. The goal of limb lengthening surgery is an increase in height and functionality in order to improve a patients stature.


At the BETZ INSTITUTE, we have been performing and perfecting the art of limb lengthening for more than a decade. As one of the leading specialists on cosmetic and reconstructive limb lengthening, Prof. Dr. Augustin Betz has been able to help hundreds of patients from all over the world remedy their length discrepancy and improve their stature via lengthening surgery. 


How does cosmetic limb lengthening work?

As described above, limb lengthening is based on the process of distraction osteogenesis. The principle behind this medical term is quite simple: When a bone is cut in half and slowly pulled apart, new tissue is formed to repair it. Cosmetic limb lengthening uses this natural response of the body to lengthen the bone bit by bit. The lengthening can be performed using external and internal methods.


At the BETZ INSTITUTE, we specialize in internal lengthening surgery methods using special intramedullary nails. These nails are inserted into the bone and pull it apart up to 0.9mm/0.035 inches per day. Nails such as our specially developed BETZBONE® require no outward stabilization and therefore offer greater mobility and functionality during the lengthening process.  


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Cosmetic limb lengthening at the BETZ INSTITUTE – What we offer our patients from all over the world

At the BETZ INSTITUTE, we we perform between 60-90 cosmetic limb-lengthenings every year. Since we are specialized in cosmetic limb lengthening surgery, our patients come to us from all over world. Why should you choose the BETZ INSTITUTE for your procedure? Here are some of our strengths: 

  • Experience & expertise
    Limb lengthening surgery is a life changing process that should be undertaken with great care. To ensure safety and an optimal result, you should rely on an expert that combines many years of practical and scientific experience.
    Prof. Dr. Betz and his team offer both. Since its foundation 15 years ago, the institute has been a reliable partner for patients and a hub for cutting-edge research in the field of reconstructive orthopedics.


  • Quality & results
    Quality and consistent results are the cornerstone of our success. We offer patients medical care at the highest level during all stages of the limb lengthening process. Our staff is highly motivated and always available to you during your stay. We set high standards for medical care and work tirelessly to exceed them.

    While we offer all limb-lengthening systems currently on the market, we are proud to present the BETZBONE®, which provides the highest lengthening capacity, stability and control. The results speak for themselves: more than 1.500 stature lengthening procedures, bone lengthening of up to 20cm /7.8 inches (12.8 cm/5.04 inches per segment is possible with the BETZBONE®) and minimal scarring – and these are just some of the quality characteristics of our work.


Contact us now and learn more about limb lengthening surgery cost and  how your limb lengthening procedure at the BETZ INSTITUTE can help you reach new heights. We will be glad to help you plan your stay!