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Everything about leg lengthening and the latest methods

Here you can read and find out everything about the topic of cosmetic leg lengthening.

Doctors, professors and leg lengthening specialists from one of the best-known clinics in the world provide information about the latest methods, compare different leg lengthening techniques, talk to patients who have undergone surgery and show in videos how a leg lengthening operation works.

“I am over the moon with the results of my leg lengthening at the Betz Institute in Freiburg! The whole experience, from the consultation to the aftercare, was exceptional. The experienced and caring team supported me and my increased self-confidence is a testament to the success of the procedure. I highly recommend the Betz Institute for anyone considering leg lengthening – they have truly changed my life!”

Katherine, USA, makemetaller.org
now with a new website
even more informative
everything about leg lengthening

On the new BECKER BETZ INSTITUTE website you will find all the information and answers to your questions about cosmetic leg lengthening. In addition, the world-famous leg lengthening specialists Dr. med. Axel Becker and Prof. Dr. A. Betz different leg lengthening methods and much more such as:

International Office: Contacting BECKER BETZ INSTITUTE

90% of our patients come to us from abroad. The initial contact is usually made by telephone or email.

You can contact us in the following ways:

Following initial contact we will provide you with information documents and an initial questionnaire.


Our private clinic is located in Freiburg. The university city of Freiburg is one of Germany’s most beautiful and best-known cities. The delightful location in southern Germany close to the border with Switzerland and France, charming atmosphere, water, mountains, vineyards and optimal climatic conditions make Freiburg something very special.

The closest airports are:

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